LZine for Business

LZine for Business - Software for Business

LZine for Business is an AI driven assistant that understands your business and adapt to your daily needs. The system posses wealth of global and hyper-local information to help you take right decisions faster and more accurate than ever before.

Beyond information, the system extends services to automate actions such as automatic provisioning of employees in to various systems. Maintaining the accuracy of employee information and transactions related to then. Synchronizing product, services and transaction information with various vendors and associated employees. Generating reports and preparing presentation slides with KPI metrics.

The system comes with built-in store front to do purchases upon decisions. The workflow engine helps streamline approval and verification procedures easy as email confirmation yet more sophisticated way of tracking, report generation and record keeping. It works on Mobile phones, Tablets and Laptop or Desktops. Hence more mobility and freedom to work from anywhere.

Can work seamlessly with your existing Accounting, HRM, CRM, ERP and IT systems including but not limited to: Salesforce, Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Orange HRM, Oracle CRM, LDAP, ADFS, Google SSO, Oracle SSO and OpenID.

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate Travel Management
  • Employee Expense Management
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Documents Management
  • Built-in Storefront & E-Tickets
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • UAE Support Desk

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