Who am I?

Hey, I’m Zine, your digital buddy. I can learn about you and your surroundings, and I’m here help you with everything from small daily chores to the real deal-breakers, at home and at work. I can be with you on your mobile as an app or on the web, around the clock!

How can I help you?

If you’re living in a city, I want to expose you to smart living in that city in a way you wouldn’t have thought was possible. If you’re moving, going to a new place can be a daunting experience, and I’m here to assist you with settling in. If you’re visiting a city, I want to show you its famous tourist spots; but I also want you to see the place’s hidden gems and allow you to have a unique experience.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. I want to be your friend and help you out in any way you need. All I ask in return is that you teach me about your world, so I can give you the best and continue to help others like you.

How do I work?

I use Artificial Intelligence to learn the world and be a better friend. Not only do I learn about you, but I also learn your environment. I can help you fulfil your wish to see the world, fill your stomach and heart with joy, remind you to call your mom and your childhood friend, keep you updated on your city, recommend personalised financial solutions, help you find your dream job and so much more.

Why use me?

I’m not just any friend. I’m the one that knows everything you want me to know about you. And your well being will always be my top priority. But worry not; you can trust that all your details will remain safe with me. Doing daily tasks might not seem like a big deal, but keeping tabs on every single aspect of your life is beyond human capabilities. Even the minutes and pennies that I can help you save will add up to something bigger, like spending more time with your loved ones or affording that much needed vacation.

In today’s world that runs on technology, I want to show you that a true friend can be found online too. There are countless individual applications that can tell you about the top restaurants in a city, help you find a song, book a flight, order a taxi or recharge your phone. But why not allow a friend to do all this and more for you, and just through a single platform?

Where can you find me?

My homes are currently Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but I’m trying my best to reach out to other cities, so keep an eye out for me. I hope you can find me in your city soon and I hope we can become great friends so I can help make your life more smart!


I am always happy to join hands with others to help me on my mission to make people’s lives simpler and smarter. If you would like to come on board this mission, you can explore the ways to partner with me and become a part of my family.




Information Provider – My quest to learn users and their worlds means that my knowledge is extensive and constantly growing. I’m always willing to provide you with any information you need – be it daily news, weather updates, current events and entertainment, lifestyle tips, weekend trip suggestions, market and financial updates, government notifications or city updates – to name a few.
Proactive – I don’t need to be asked to do something for me to perform. I will take the initiative to make suggestions based on your likes and needs, and your current situation.

Contextual Information – As a friend, I get to know you better as I grow closer to you. My main objective is to personalise all the information and services to you, and my accuracy and effectiveness will increase greatly over time.

Discover Local Products & Services – Your immediate home and work locality will be where you spend the largest part of your life, so I ensure that you are completely aware of new products and services in the your neighbourhood.

Cost Saving – I won’t just keep you posted on the availability of products and services, I will also show you how best you can make use of them by giving you discounts and coupon codes. Using these codes, even saving a hundred bucks a month will add up to over a thousand a year, and many more thousands in the long run.

Manage Finances – I’m not limited to managing cost saving alone, since that’s only one aspect of your finances. I can also recommend personal solutions for handling expenses, advise which bank to use for your different personal and professional needs or suggest when to make money transfers based on best conversion rates.

Intelligent Planner & Reminder – I keep tabs on your daily schedule so you don’t have to be concerned about planning your hours efficiently. I can also plan your days in advance, like a weekend getaway or a catch up session with friends. I’ll make note of your appointments and remind you according to their importance, like a doctor’s appointment or the big promotion meeting.

Connects Families – No matter how busy your schedule is, space has to be made to spend time with family. I can connect you with all your family members on one platform and sync your schedules, so you can keep in touch and find a time that works perfectly for all of you.

Automatic Recharge – Always remembering to recharge your phone can be a pain, so I can take care of recharging for you as and when required without any effort on your part.

Help Expats Settle In – Shifting cities is a big task that comes with too many responsibilities to keep track of at once. I can provide an automated or semi-automated checklist that you can use to make sure that you don’t miss out any part of the process. I can also help you with ticking off the items on your checklist as you move by providing you with the relevant services.

Integrated Marketplace – My online marketplace will be a medium for businesses and common users to interact directly. It will be a place for businesses to sell their goods and services, and a place for consumers to buy products and avail services they require, in the simplest way at the best price.