Arun Ramachandran

CEO & Co-Founder

Arun is a software product engineering and management professional. He has been a successful entrepreneur from a very young age, and that, combined with an enthusiasm for all things technical, has fueled him to be an active part of several start-ups, Fortune 100 companies and government entities within a short period. He has worked with multiple organisations in India, and has been a part of many more in UAE. His specialisation has been in product development, technology management, entrepreneurship and digital media.

Arun is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from JJ College of Engineering and Technology affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. His curiosity to learn about and explore the endless possibilities of technology to make the human life better, his keen business instincts and his go-getter attitude have enabled him to excel in multiple roles beyond just his job profile. His domain expertise includes retail, e-commerce, payments, real estate, travel, banking and government.

He has consistently been able to deliver his best in every project he has been a part of, and one of his greatest achievements has been winning the Best Project Implementation Award at GITEX 2013. Arun’s wealth of experience helps him to drive LZine’s vision, strategy, team, technology and growth to bring the better relationship between humans and machines that can make the daily life of people easier, smarter and more useful.

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Bharath Manoharan

Director & Co-Founder

Bharath is an avid information seeker with a dynamic professional life in content and digital marketing spanning over 11 years. He has been involved in numerous start-ups and multinational organisations, having played various diverse roles such as entrepreneur, proprietor, digital marketing analyst, online marketing and strategy consultant, business technology manager and director of programs.

Bharath completed his Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science at JJ College of Engineering and Technology, followed by a Masters in Software Engineering specialising in Multimedia Technology from Guindy College of Engineering in India. His infinite curiosity has sparked him to question how everything works, from the human body to every single machine and device.

He moved to UAE in 2013 and continued to expand his career and expertise of working with start-ups and other large businesses. He has contributed greatly to LZine right from its inception, being a founding member of the ambitious start-up. Bharath has striven to bring the idea of LZine to life, motivated by his passion to do good for the society and make people’s lives better.

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Ganesan Muthiah

Director & Co-Founder

Self-made entrepreneur Ganesan believed in LZine and joined the team as investor in early 2016. Being the founder of two companies, he saw himself in Arun and realised that the idea of LZine had the potential to become a true success story.

Ganesan holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication from University of Madras. He started his career as a teacher of advanced networking in 1999, staying true to his passion for sharing knowledge. Due to a great demand from his enthusiastic students who wanted to work with him on projects, he founded OSI Infotech LLC in Dubai in 2003. Subsequently, he created Gulf IT Network Distribution FZ LLC, the first distributor of Silver Peak and Imperva in the Gulf.

For Ganesan, being an entrepreneur never stops. More than 15 years of experience in the networking field have helped him specialise in data networks and data security, which has enabled him to continue developing and discovering influential business ideas and sharing his vast knowledge with the world.