About LZine

LZine is an intelligent Platform of rich information and applications for various services that can assist humans in their daily lives by understanding their needs and offering relevant information & services.

‘Zine’ is a character designed to give the platform a friendly and interactive interface between the users and LZine.

LZine is currently under private beta and set to be launched in Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities of UAE by early 2017. Please email to or click here for an invitation to participate in LZine private beta program.

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How LZine works

LZine has rich knowledge of hyper-local and global information with a wide range of built-in applications that works seamlessly with the dynamic information set.

LZine will reside in user mobile or tablet as an app. LZine web application can also be accessed through any modern web browser.

When installed on a user mobile, LZine starts learning the users and their environment. It uses distributed learning and cross referencing methodologies to understand the world in a better way. It learns the user, their behaviour and environments so well that it can help the user proactively by computing and predicting when the user will need things that they need, well before the user realizes it.

LZine can remember everything it learns; it can reason and negotiate with the user.

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Privacy & Security

LZine is built to comply with stringent safety, privacy and security policies. It will never share a secret with anyone including the user himself. Any such sensitive information must be shared manually by the users themselves. Most of the information on LZine are stored without identity of the user and identity is mapped to information dynamically on the fly only when it is needed. Thus, the user information and privacy are highly protected.

LZine Services

LZine services are micro applications inside the app. They range from subscriptions of daily life supply such as the delivery of drinking water cans, milk, newspaper, and fresh breads to complex systems like applications for getting a driver’s license or planning an end-to-end multi-country vacation with multiple nationalities.

When said hyper-locally, LZine helps individuals and businesses in several ways to improve their quality of life by helping them take smarter decisions, saving more time on various activities, saving money on daily spends, and remembering everything that are shared with LZine to remind them back when they are most needed.

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