The Global Franchise Market 2017

The Global Franchise Market (TGFM) is the official franchising event in Dubai, held under the support of Dubai Department of Economic Development. The 2nd edition of TGFM took place on 29th and 30th of October, 2017, at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


TGFM is the connection platform for franchising in the MENA region, providing the perfect platform for face-to-face interaction with every type of franchising industry, whether you are a business owner, investor, service provider or employee, TGFM provides the knowledge, experience and know-how of others to drive your business and yourself towards a successful future in franchising.

This event showcased the latest national and international brands, products and services from over 100 franchising companies. With over 80 exhibitors, the event was ideal for business owners, investors and potential franchisees, entrepreneurs, government organisations interested in supporting SMEs, franchise professionals and franchise service providers.

IRF MENA Regional Congress & Exhibition 2017

A conference was organised by the International Road Federation (IRF) on 29th to 30th October, 2017, at Dubai World Trade Centre. Transport leaders and decision makers were gathered to discuss on the topic, ‘Mobility Solutions for the 21st Century.’ There were 50 sessions of talks and seminars, to cover topics such as, the latest innovations in transport engineering, 21st century parking solutions, road network design, next generation urban mobility and work zone safety.

Speakers in the group included Patrick Sankey, President and CEO of IRF Global, and Maitha bin Adai, CEO of Dubai’s Traffic & Road Agency. More than 1000 professionals from around the region gathered at Dubai World Trade Centre for this conference. Attendees also had the opportunity to share their research and network with industry professionals.

Why Negative Feedback Should be Viewed Positively?

Reacting harshly to negative feedback is a by-product of our egotistical nature. We are, after all humans, and we hate to be told we’re wrong. Employees especially detest negative remarks from management and this often leads to low self-esteem.

Let’s face it, there’s no avoiding negative feedback. Irrespective of the industry you work in, or the level of experience you possess, you are bound to falter at some point in your career. You will no doubt get defensive and feel the need to justify why you did what you did. Arguments could break out and the tension will only add to a negative experience.

Negative feedback, however, when viewed as constructive criticism can become empowering. Learning to accept negative criticism amiably and working on using the feedback to improve is a good attitude to face life with.

Giving Negative Criticism

As a manager, or a team member, you might be hesitant to critique a co-worker. It is after all an awkward conversation. A good way to break in negative feedback is by first asking permission. A simple “Can I give you my opinion?” will pave the way for a better conversation.

Be specific about what exactly the problem is rather than beating around the bush. Giving negative feedback should be like ripping off a band aid, quick and effective. Offer suggestions on how they can improve and always maintain a calm composure and tone.

Accepting Constructive Criticism

First and foremost, do not get offended. Negative feedback can feel like a personal attack, but is never one. It’s your work that is receiving criticism, not you as a person, so relax. Hear the person out and give their opinion a thorough thought.

Do not get defensive and lash out with excuses. The mistake is done, excuses aren’t going to change that fact. Accept the negative feedback graciously instead, and promise to strive on improving that part of your work.

View criticism as a source of improvement. We are too close to ourselves to see the flaws in us, and often need an outside stimuli to bring about improvement. Do not let negative feedback bring down your self-esteem; let it instead be a source of betterment.

LZine Technologies Reveals Its Much-Awaited Second Product


LZine Technologies, a Dubai-based tech startup, has introduced its second exclusive product in the market. The new product is a website with the domain name of, which offers a range of holiday packages to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – Dubai.

The holiday packages are especially tailored to cater to Indian tourists, who look forward to travelling to Dubai between September and April, the best time to visit the city in terms of weather and variety of activities to do. Different packages are available focusing on different durations and demographics, including packages for families, friends and couples, for a period of time ranging between five days and seven days.

The most unique and in fact one of the best aspects of as a product is that it is an early adopter of the LZine platform to implement AI technologies and other LZine features, like learning user behavioral patterns, real time analytics and response, market segmentation, re-targeting/re-marketing, personalized sales, targeted delivery. Such distinct pros of the website have helped it gain wide recognition in UAE, India, the United States and United Kingdom.  

LZine Technologies @ Dubai Internet City


Free Zone Office of LZine Technologies is Set to be Opened in Dubai

Starting from 18th September, 2016, the second office of LZine Technologies in Dubai and the third office overall will be open. The office will be a Free Zone office in Dubai, located within the in5 Tech spaces at Dubai Internet City.

in5 Tech is a Dubai-based platform which supports and promotes startups and entrepreneurs by providing them with innovation centres, exposing them to innovative events and enabling them to network with other innovative creators. As a sponsor of LZine Technologies, in5 Tech has helped with the growth of the company on all levels, fulfilling its objective of aiding a business right from the start and through its lifecycle.

The office at Dubai Internet City is a part of the Tech Innovation Centres offered by in5, to give a tech startup like LZine access to top-of-the-range facilities. Technology is the focus and pulse of this Innovation Centre, highlighting cutting edge concepts such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Drones, among many others.