Digitizing the Travel Desk

Travelling is earning more popularity among different age groups with each passing day. Artificial Intelligence, Smartphones and the Internet are contributing at a large scale in recent times for planning any tour. The developments of the digital sector in the travel business is benefiting the society as a whole. Digitization in the travel desk is witnessing a new dawn and the pace with which technology is evolving each passing day, there will be no holding back.

Customer experience is the prime motive and digitization in this sector is improving the customer experience quite a lot. With hotel bookings to itinerary planning at the touch of a button, digital involvement is certainly taking travel services in the right direction.

  • How Smartphones are helping

Over the recent years, smartphones have taken over and the travel desk has certainly evolved quite a lot. Statistics have shown how more than 70% of the digital interference is done on smartphones and how they aid in planning a better experience. The dynamic data created through this surfing helps in repeated purchases, thus establishing a loyal customer base.

  • Role of Artificial Intelligence

With tons of messaging applications, AI is adding a personal touch to the whole travel industry. Consumers are always on the lookout to straighten out things beforehand and messaging applications and  Artificial Intelligence are taking door-keeping to a whole new level. This results in better feedback from the consumers, thus profiting the organization which is offering the services.

  • Benefits for the Tour Planners

Digitization also allows more convenience for travel agents planning the trips. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and other digital platforms can help transform and assist their methods of planning a trip. It introduces a dynamic approach as hotel bookings, payments, transport, and other services can be selected with much lesser hassles. It was quite a hectic job for travel planners and travel agents to look at different hotels matching the expectations of the travelers. The collection of payments was quite difficult as well, but digitization welcomes tons of different payment gateways and electronic wallets to make secure payments in a much easier way.

  • The Future

An increased amount of mobile content and more evolved digital products in the travel sector can be hugely handy in creating an elevated customer experience. Digitization is bringing a revolution in the travel desk as it allows various travelers from different countries to wisely choose their preferred travel products, itineraries, hotels, destination, and all other important things.

iDigitalMedia Dubai Office @ Ibn Battuta Gate Offices


LZine Technologies Opens its First Workspace in Dubai

Under the name of iDigital Media LLC, LZine Technologies has opened the doors of its first mainland office in Dubai, UAE. It is the result of a joint venture between LZine and a UAE National, in order to comply with the rules and norms of the local Dubai Government. This office is, however, the second workspace of the company, the first being located in Bangalore, India.

The new iDigital Media office is very ideally situated on the Ground Floor of the Ibn Battuta Gate Offices, in Jebel Ali. The location is easily accessible from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, facilitating the company’s strong relationships with clients in both cities.

The LZine Dubai team primarily operates from this office, which is the optimal space for carrying out business operations and sales. It creates the perfect environment for a company like LZine, which is constantly motivated by professional goals but always strives to keep up the startup culture. When it comes down to business, the team have a conference room to host meetings; at the same time, they have a cabana and bean bags out on the huge balcony when they need a break. The pantry is always stocked with an assortment of snacks and beverages to keep the team fuelled through the day.

To add to the list of plus points of the new iDigital Media office, the Ibn Battuta Mall, one of the largest and most unique malls in Dubai, is right next to the Gate Offices building. Shopping, dining and entertainment options are all just a stone’s throw away.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a self-running engine for growth in the healthcare industry. According to an analysis by Accenture, key clinical health AI applications can potentially create USD 150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026. AI in health represents a collection of technologies that enable machines to sense, understand, act and learn, so they can perform clinical healthcare functions.

Here are a few points related to the role of AI in healthcare domain:

Speech Recognition

Through Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition can be built based on just a few seconds of speech from the user. Over time, it also adapts to different circumstances of the user, like having a cold, using a different microphone or moving from one environment to another.

For Physician Documentation

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, clinical documentation can be provided. This gives you the benefit of capturing all necessary patient information and documentation details. The cloud-based solution ensures consistent recommendations.

For Clinical Documentation

Artificial Intelligence can be used to analyse clinical information by improving productivity. AI can be used to focus on more complex cases, review additional cases and expand payer coverage.

Contributing to a Better Future

The future belongs to everyone. There is no point in inventing something so good and useful for mankind and then patenting it and protecting it and having a heavy price tag on the same for one’s selfish personal needs. That’s not the future we believe in.

Everything that we have and everything that we are working on today, is all thanks to the combined contribution and efforts of a great resource pool of talent. And that is why we today are able to enjoy all of this comfort and luxury that most of us have access to.

It is all thanks to the admiration that engineering has given to us. It has opened the doorway to many paths and taken us into places we would have never imagined. Great machines like the plane, the computer, the car, the elevator, all would not have been possible it had not been for engineering.

The future is machine. That is for sure. And it is always going to be machine. And it is really a big thing. Machines have made man’s life easy. It has made man’s life efficient. And it has made man’s life more productive in a short span of time.

Our primary agenda at LZine for the future is to save people’s time, money and their sense of well being. We believe that we can help reduce their stress, make them better understand difficult concepts and help them in remembering crucial important dates and agendas when needed. This can be achieved by improving the technology that we are currently working on to tailor everyone’s needs.

LZine Technologies @ The Hive Bangalore


LZine Technologies Welcomes Its First Office in India

LZine Technologies Private Limited opened its very first office in Bangalore, the hub of the startup culture in India. Located within The Hive Collaborative Workspaces at VR Bengaluru Mall, the LZine Centre of Excellence fits right in with the vibe of the co-working space and the city on the whole.

The LZine Bangalore office will serve as the base for the development teams of the organisation, including the content team and engineering. Operations and sales will also go on side-by-side, to cater to LZine’s large number of Indian customers.

LZine will have one of the best offices within The Hive, given that they were able to secure a prime spot very early on. The office will officially be open from 4th May, 2016, with a capacity of 9 seats in the front office, and an additional 3 seats within the adjoining internal cabin.

Being situated within The Hive Collaborative Workspaces, the LZine team will have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of other startups and like-minded people. Moreover, the workspace is designed to inspire and motivate startups to balance work life and take a break when needed.

Highlights at The Hive include well-facilitated conference rooms, alternate and comfortable seating spaces, a games lounges fitted with a pool table, foosball table and a dartboard, and a loaded pantry with a fully-stocked vending machine. Apart from all that, the LZine team will have access to the VR Bengaluru Mall within just a few steps downstairs, and the Phoenix Marketcity next door. Yummy food, great shopping discounts, and the ultimate movie-watching experience at PVR are just some of the perks that come with the LZine Bangalore office.