LZine Technologies Reveals Its Much-Awaited Second Product


LZine Technologies, a Dubai-based tech startup, has introduced its second exclusive product in the market. The new product is a website with the domain name of DubaiHolidayPackage.in, which offers a range of holiday packages to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – Dubai.

The holiday packages are especially tailored to cater to Indian tourists, who look forward to travelling to Dubai between September and April, the best time to visit the city in terms of weather and variety of activities to do. Different packages are available focusing on different durations and demographics, including packages for families, friends and couples, for a period of time ranging between five days and seven days.

The most unique and in fact one of the best aspects of DubaiHolidayPackage.in as a product is that it is an early adopter of the LZine platform to implement AI technologies and other LZine features, like learning user behavioral patterns, real time analytics and response, market segmentation, re-targeting/re-marketing, personalized sales, targeted delivery. Such distinct pros of the website have helped it gain wide recognition in UAE, India, the United States and United Kingdom.  

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