LZine Technologies Launches its Very First Full-Fledged Information Portal  


LZine Technologies, a tech startup in the United Arab Emirates which is in the works of building a platform using Artificial Intelligence, introduced to the world AbuDhabi2.com – an extensive information portal that caters to the needs of the people in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. The portal made its appearance on 2nd December, 2015, marking a special day for both UAE and LZine as a company. 

The most unique and in fact one of the best aspects of AbuDhabi2.com as a product is that it is an early adopter of the LZine platform to implement AI technologies and other LZine features, like learning user behavioral patterns, real time analytics and response, market segmentation, re-targeting/re-marketing, personalized sales, targeted delivery. Such distinct pros of the website have helped it gain wide recognition in UAE, India, the United States and United Kingdom, with a combined reach of 24 million users from its social media and main website.

By adopting the Zine platform, AbuDhabi2.com has set an example for others to make use of the LZine platform and features, to improve the efficiency of content delivery, improve customer experience, increase reachability and revenue, and reduce time and effort through built-in automations.

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