The Launch of LZine


The Launch of LZine – Your Very Own Intelligent Assistant  

Dubai-based company LZine Technologies is launching an Intelligent Personal Assistant that will help UAE residents and travelers with daily life information and activities. The company is launching its flagship “LZine” platform in Abu Dhabi and Dubai cities by early 2018.

LZine is a digital platform which will host the character Zine, who will become closer to a user over a period, like a natural friend. ‘Zine’ is the name of the LZine interface as seen by consumers – a characterized and interactive interface. It will offer customized & personalized information & services to people by learning the user and their needs.

The company is backed by in5, a Dubai based well reputed accelerator under the Dubai Government initiative, along with seed fund investments from Dubai entrepreneur Ganesan Muthiah.

As of the beginning of next year, LZine will be first introduced in Dubai in January, followed by Abu Dhabi in March 2018. Zine has extensive knowledge about these two cities that is of utmost relevance to residents, expats and visitors. Not only is LZine an information portal for the city, it is also special because of the integrated services it provides. What makes this application unique is its ability to address the different needs a person may have in their day-to-day lives and satisfy all those needs through one medium.   

Zine does not have to be addressed for it to help the user out. All it would require the user to do is input their preferences, and Zine will be able to learn people better the more it helps them. LZine is focusing on giving consumers easy accessibility to Zine through their handheld devices, particularly mobiles. Moreover, LZine’s products,, and the UAENext website will consume the company’s information and services. Thereby, users can also access Zine by logging on to the web portals.

Further to the Intelligent Personal Assistant Zine, LZine will provide exclusive platforms for businesses, in the form of LZine for Business (LFB) and LZine Business Solutions (LBS). The focus of the business platforms will helping organisations with professional activities like Travel Management, Employee Benefits Program, Employee Expense Management, New Employee On-boarding, and much more.  

The LZine venture is an initiative of Arun Ramachandran and Bharath Manoharan, two believers in the limitless possibilities of technology who were eager to use that to help the society and make human lives smarter. They relocated from India to UAE in 2013, and during that period, came to realise the vast differences in living in both these countries. They also came to understand the massive expat population of UAE, and the need for something to simplify the moving process and the make the lives of existing and new residents easier. That realisation, combined with their quest for creating a city information portal, gave rise to the idea of a digital friend for every person to help them with their daily requirements. Thus, LZine was born.   


LZine Technologies Reveals Its Much-Awaited Second Product


LZine Technologies, a Dubai-based tech startup, has introduced its second exclusive product in the market. The new product is a website with the domain name of, which offers a range of holiday packages to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – Dubai.

The holiday packages are especially tailored to cater to Indian tourists, who look forward to travelling to Dubai between September and April, the best time to visit the city in terms of weather and variety of activities to do. Different packages are available focusing on different durations and demographics, including packages for families, friends and couples, for a period of time ranging between five days and seven days.

The most unique and in fact one of the best aspects of as a product is that it is an early adopter of the LZine platform to implement AI technologies and other LZine features, like learning user behavioral patterns, real time analytics and response, market segmentation, re-targeting/re-marketing, personalized sales, targeted delivery. Such distinct pros of the website have helped it gain wide recognition in UAE, India, the United States and United Kingdom.  

LZine Technologies @ Dubai Internet City


Free Zone Office of LZine Technologies is Set to be Opened in Dubai

Starting from 18th September, 2016, the second office of LZine Technologies in Dubai and the third office overall will be open. The office will be a Free Zone office in Dubai, located within the in5 Tech spaces at Dubai Internet City.

in5 Tech is a Dubai-based platform which supports and promotes startups and entrepreneurs by providing them with innovation centres, exposing them to innovative events and enabling them to network with other innovative creators. As a sponsor of LZine Technologies, in5 Tech has helped with the growth of the company on all levels, fulfilling its objective of aiding a business right from the start and through its lifecycle.

The office at Dubai Internet City is a part of the Tech Innovation Centres offered by in5, to give a tech startup like LZine access to top-of-the-range facilities. Technology is the focus and pulse of this Innovation Centre, highlighting cutting edge concepts such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Drones, among many others.

AIM Startup 2017


LZine Technologies Brings Something new as an Exhibitor at AIM Startup 2017

The Annual Investment Meeting welcomed its 7th season in April 2017. LZine Technologies had the opportunity to be an exhibitor at the progressive annual event, which attracts some of the best and most innovative companies from around the world. The 3-day event, held between 2nd and 4th April 2017 at the iconic Dubai World Trade Centre, hosted an attendance of over 15000 participants belonging to more than 140 different countries.

AIM Startup 2017 presented growing startups the chance to meet and network with other like-minded business owners, to share their ideas and learn from such interactions. The event had companies from all walks of various industries, such as Healthcare, Education, Fintech, Retail, IT & ICT, Virtual Reality & Gaming, Robotics & Drones, Wearable Technologies, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Logistics, F&B and Tourism and Hospitality.  

Among the pool of talent at AIM Startup 2017, LZine was able to present revolutionary ideas about technology and the nuances of Artificial Intelligence, the focus of the company’s products. LZine was an exhibitor amongst the best local and international startups, including the likes of Aloma, Jet Set Club, Blitab, and CMAX. Continuing with the trend of its previous years, the 2017 edition of the Annual Investment Meeting also turned out to be a huge success.

LZine’s Microsoft BizSpark Plus Membership


Microsoft Awards LZine Technologies with BizSpark Plus Membership

LZine Technologies has been awarded with a BizSpark Plus Membership by Microsoft in March 2017. The coveted membership gives LZine the ability to access many of Microsoft’s best products for free, such as Azure Cloud Services, Microsoft Office and Visual Studio.

The BizSpark Plus Membership is a programme offered by Microsoft in partnership with 200 of the best accelerators in the world, like 1871, Techstars, Seedcamp, MassChallenge, ERA, and more. The membership can only be secured by privately-held startups which are less than five years old and have an annual revenue under USD 1 million.

The membership comes with a trove of benefits, including free Azure services worth USD 120k, free Microsoft software and tools for up to five developers in a company through free MSDN licenses, exclusive access to accelerators, among many other perks.